About Balass Brothers

Balass Bros.

Balass Bros. was established by the Balass family who immigrated to Israel in 1973. The company was established as a trading firm representing major foreign corporations in the Telecoms, Oil and Energy industries deploying the family’s expertise and experience in those fields

The company has over 40 years of, hands-on, trusted experience of business and infrastructure
projects development, specialising in the Israeli Market. This includes, Water Treatment Industries,
Desalination Plants, Power & Energy plants and the Telecommunication Market.

At Balass Bros. we dedicate our resources to providing an ever growing portfolio of products,
services and solutions, always exploring and bringing to our clients, the most advanced and
innovative products to our customers.

Balass Bros is recognised as one of the most respectable and reliable partner to our clients in the
said industries, we have also developed valuable contacts with leading suppliers worldwide who
have trusted us as their exclusive representatives.

We take pride in our total commitment to both customers and partners.
Balass Brothers  dedicates it’s efforts in  building strong relations with major Israeli companies by providing them the best products the industry can offer as well as quality after sales services. Among our clients you will find the leading companies in the water treatment field including Mekorot, IDE Technologies, Tahal, Fluence Water and GES as well as all the major Desalination plants.

In the fields of energy and telecom, our clients include the Ministry of Defense, Paz and Haifa Refineries, Israel Electric, Bezeq, Teva pharmaceuticals and many more.

Thanks to our devotion and experience, we have gained great reputation and presence in Israel allowing us to generate significant opportunities for the corporations we represent. You are welcome to look into our Partners Products as well as inspect the major projects we have helped introduce these products to.


Balass Bros. has demonstrated their integrity,
professionalism and two very important features that provide an added value to their partners
” Balass Bros is a high reliable partner that guarantees success for their clients and for their partners. “

Joan Galtés.

Project Sales Director HPP

” Balass Brothers have always proven themselves as reliable partners and made it their goal to understand our needs and assist us as much as possible.  “

Benny Schiller

Procurement and Logistics department manager

” Balass Brothers have been a loyal and trustworthy Supplier and we have developed a close and pleasant working relationship with them. “

Dmitry Lisitsin, Ph.D

VP Engineering

Lightning Protection is becoming a necessity for any and all industries across the world. The rate, frequency and strength of lightning strikes along with storms are increasing. Areas that do not normally experience a large number of lightning strikes are being hit more often and areas where major storms and heavy lightning are common, are being hit harder and over longer periods of time. Through our partner Lightning Eliminators and Consultants (LEC) we provide an integrated lightning protection with an emphasis on lightning prevention products, solutions and services. In association with grounding systems engineering, testing and surge protection design utilizing the patented charge transfer technology that which is a unique lightning prevention systems, as opposed to the traditionally practiced lightning collection system. The lightning prevention systems are applicable for highly sensitive sites such as military sites and oil production sites where the traditional lighting collection systems cause major disturbances to system availability.

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At Balass Bros. we dedicated our efforts to build strong relations with majorIsraeli companies by providing them the best products the industry can offer as


Picture courtesy of IDE Technology