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Water Treatment Industries, Desalination, Waste Water Treatment and Water Purification.

The need for clean drinking and irrigation water in Israel and around the world is growing rapidly and with it the Water treatment and desalination industry. Israeli Engineering companies are among the world leading companies in this field. Balass Brothers supplies our customers who design and install water treatment systems with an extensive and versatile list of products from leading Manufacturers World Wide including RO and UF membranes, Energy Recovery systems, various types of Water Pumps, Nano bubble systems, GRP pipes etc.
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Power & Energy plants and the Telecommunication Market.

The field of power and Energy generation in Israel is dominated by a small number of companies including the Israel Electric Corp, the Oil Refineries, Oil storage and distribution companies. Balass Bros. supplies our clients with API pumps, Electrical Meters, Power cables and accessories. For the telecommunication market our company was a main supplier of copper cables to Bezeq and Paltel. As well as supplying specialized cables to the Israeli railways.

Lightning Prevention

Lightning Protection is becoming a necessity for any and all industries across the world. The rate, frequency and strength of lightning strikes along with storms are increasing. Areas that do not normally experience a large number of lightning strikes are being hit more often and areas where major storms and heavy lightning are common, are being hit harder and over longer periods of time. Through our partner Lightning Eliminators and Consultants (LEC) we provide an integrated lightning protection with an emphasis on lightning prevention products, solutions and services. In association with grounding systems engineering, testing and surge protection design utilizing the patented charge transfer technology that which is a unique lightning prevention systems, as opposed to the traditionally practiced lightning collection system. The lightning prevention systems are applicable for highly sensitive sites such as military sites and oil production sites where the traditional lighting collection systems cause major disturbances to system availability.

Static Electricity Prevention

Static discharge systems are required in all facilities that work with flammable liquids and explosive powders which include Chemical Production, Pharma, Paint and Solvents and the food industries. Electrostatic discharges are an ever-present and significant ignition risk for operations carried out in EX explosive atmospheres. The accumulation of static electricity must be avoided in EX areas so that ignitions resulting fires or explosions are prevented. Balass Bros. offer a wide range of static earthing and bonding systems which reduce or eliminate all together these ignition risks, creating a safer and more productive work environment.

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