Represented by Balass Bros.

LG Chemical

LG Chemical’s NanoH2O™ line of reverse osmosis membranes delivers the highest flux and the highest salt rejection of any RO membrane on the market along with other benefits owing to NanoH2O’s unique technology.
LG Chem is the leading company in Korea’s chemical industry and a largely founded material supplier globally.

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps

Danfoss HPP is a leading supplier of quality high pressure pumps and energy recovery devices for reverse osmosis applications.
Balass Bros has been the main distributor and local agent of Danfoss HPP since 2010.
We support a wide range of Danfoss HPP products for a variety of applications and have been distributing these systems to the leading water treatment companies in Israel.


Elgama-Elektronika Ltd., Lithuania develops and produces advanced electricity metering devices for residential, commercial and industrial use. Founded in 1992, Elgama-Elektronika has gained great experience in the field of meter data management systems and provides smart metering solutions containing specialized software for an array of applications. Balass Bros has been representing Elgama-Elektronika for 10 years and has helped them win many tenders for supplying Meters to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).

Energy Recovery

Energy Recovery offers the most efficient and popular energy recovery solutions in desalination and has become the leading corporation in the water industry.
The corporation’s exceptional developed technologies have become the industry standard for energy recovery solutions maintaining significant, universal value.
The first disruptive Energy Recovery technology was the PX Pressure Exchanger, and it set a precedent for everything to follow. The PX works by recycling energy that would otherwise be lost in the desalination process. Simple yet durable, it changed the economics of converting seawater to fresh water, and today is used in the vast majority of desalination projects worldwide.

Nijhuis Industries

Nijhuis Industries delivers solid solutions for sustainable water use & resource recovery, with the highest level of intelligent innovations across a wide range of industries. Nijhuis Industries has a broad experience and application know-how within a wide range of industries, designing the most appropriate solutions to reduce, reuse and recover (waste) water. The corporations’ portfolio includes game changing solutions and systems including: Filters, gravity separators, coagulation & flocculation systems, dissolved air flotation systems, aerobic & anaerobic biological treatments, disinfection, sludge management and resource recovery. Balass Brothers is helping develop using the Nijhuis large DAF systems as pretreatment for desalination plants.

ClydeUnion Pumps

ClydeUnion Pumps is one of the world’s leading pump companies and excels in pump technology, hydraulic design and engineering. Being a brand of the large SPX FLOW Corporation and building on the success of Clyde Pumps and, ClydeUnion Pumps offers top of the line products developed and refined with over 140 years of experience in pumping technologies. ClydeUnion Pumps, having integrated Union Pumps and S&N Pumps companies in the last 10 years offers four different lines of high quality pumps: Single & two stage pumps, Multi-Stage pumps, reciprocating pumps and a line specialized pumps. Balass Bros has been representing ClydeUnion Pumps for 25 and assisted distributing their products to the largest water treatment facilities in Israel as well as becoming the largest supplier of API pumps in Israel.

Lightning Eliminators and Consultants, Inc. (LEC)

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc. (LEC) is an expert corporation dedicated to providing integrated lightning protection and lightning prevention products, solutions and services internationally.
LEC’s modular and engineered lightning protection devices have prevented lightning strikes and lightning damage at thousands of sites since LEC was founded in 1971.
Confident in the corporations’ knowledge and intelligence for all aspects of lightning strike prevention, control and risk mitigation, LEC designed a charge transfer system (CTS) which utilizes the point discharge phenomenon and over time showed a success ratio or reliability of 99.87%, with over 60,000 system years of data on close to 3,500 installed systems.
Balass Bros has been representing LEC for over 25 years and assisted marketing their products to multitude large organizations including the Israeli Navy


Moleaer is a new and innovative company whom leverages the unique properties of nanobubbles in order to modify the functionality of water for a variety of applications. Moleaer’s patent-pending solutions offer prevalent advantages on an industrial-scale for transferring gas into liquids. Employing Moleaer products provides high efficiency as a result of near perfect gas transfer, increase in gas suspension and capacity in water as well as considerable energy savings. Moleaer’s Nano Generators have no moving parts and are easily installed out of water further excelling in the field by virtue of functionality and reliability. Balass Bros has been involved with Moleare since it was established and is helping the company to develop new applications for their unique systems.

Hengtong Group

HENGTONG GROUP is a national innovation enterprise that specializes in diversified areas covering fiber optic network and electric power network, as well as network construction and operation, financial service, capital investment, industrial Internet, and cultural and tourism estate. Offering a variety of products encompassing the power and telecom system fields, HENGTONG Group provides complete solutions for telecommunication and power system projects as well as submarine and new energy system cables.

Newson Gale

Newson Gale is an established manufacturer of static grounding equipment for hazardous area industries. The company, established over 30 years ago, has been developing and providing award winning products while releasing their first patented product in 2001. Newson Gale offers a range of static grounding and “middle ground” solutions including a variety of solutions for mobile platforms. Having acquired expertise in the field of static grounding, Newson gale provides the highest level of product quality and protection. We have been representing Newson Gale and have been widely distributing their excellent products for over 15 years in large companies like Teva and Taro, Adama and many more.

Pentair Codeline & X-Flow

Pentair is a leading international producer, developer and distributor of filtration solutions. Partnering with carefully selected corporations and maintaining one of the world’s foremost knowledge centers along with leading R&D centers, Pentair provides front line solutions for all kinds of water quality requirements. We at Balass Bros have partnered with Pentair on 2010 while identifying the potential for the positive influence of their products on the water treatment facilities in Israel. Pentair manufactures two main brands of products regarding water treatment: Codeline – Codeline is the leading pressure vessel brand and recognized for its high quality, smart product portfolio and market changing innovations setting industry standards. With Codeline technology being used on every continent, and well over 600,000 membrane housings currently in service, Pentair has earned a reputation of quality and reliability, and the trust of many long-term clients. Balass Bros. has sold Codeline Pressure vessels to the major water treatment companies including large Desalination plants.

Pentair X-Flow

X-Flow is the international membrane brand of Pentair. Constantly researching and evolving, X-Flow’s track record of development and multiple product awards has brought X-Flow membranes to filtration projects around the world.
X-Flow offers a wide variety of pressure driven membranes for Micro, Ultra and Nano filtration for WW treatment and water polishing.
X-Flow offer a one of a kind none submerged Air Lift MBR system that has been successfully implemented in Israel’s Haifa Oil refinery.

Pentair HRT

Pentair’s Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology (HRT) provides dramatically improved solids control and hydrocarbon recovery from process water streams. HRT affords proven performance with hydrocarbon recovery efficiencies of 99.98% and a great deal of benefits including: Operational flexibility, reduction of lost energy, savings on chemical additives, lower maintenance costs and elimination of excursions.