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Israel Electric Corp
The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) is a public and government-owned company, generating and supplying electricity to all sectors in the economy. IEC is 99.846% owned by the State of Israel. The IEC activities includes the generation, transmission and transformation, distribution, supply and sale of electricity. For the last 15 yaers Balass Bros. has supplied IEC with many types of Electrical Meters as well as installed sophisticated lightning protection systems in a number of the IEC sites.
Founded in 1988, GES is one of the veteran companies in the field of desalination, water, and wastewater treatment.GES is a member of the Azrieli Group – Israel’s largest real estate company. Balass Brothers has been involved with GES in the WW treatment project for Bzan y as well as with sales of HP pumps and filtration systems for their small RO system
Mekorot, founded in 1937, is Israel’s National Water Company and a major facilitator of the country’s development and prosperity. As a national government company in charge of almost every aspect of Israel’s water industries, Mekorot’s mosaic of activities is unparalleled world-wide and places the company at the forefront of water technology. Balass Brothers supplies Mekorot with RO membranes for many of its Desalination sites.
Bezeq is Israel’s largest telecom group and together with its subsidiary companies offers market-leading solutions for every prospect in the fields of telecommunication services, Internet, Data communication and more. For many years Balass Bros. supplied Fiber optic and Copper cables to Bezeq for a long pirid of time.
IDE Technologies
IDE is the world leader in water-treatment solutions. The company specializes in the development, engineering, construction and operation of enhanced small to mega-size sea and brackish water desalination facilities, industrial water treatment and water reuse plants, based on the most advanced technologies. Balass Bros has supplied equipment to IDE projects in Israel and worldwide including: pumps, GRP pipes, ERD systems and more.
Fluence Water
Fluence Water, created by the unison of Emefcy and RWL Water in 2017, is a corporation committed to becoming the worldwide leader in decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions. With over 7000 references across 70 countries, Fluence offers an integrated range of services across the complete water cycle and provides optimized solutions for water-related assets. Balass Bros has supplied equipment to IDE projects in Israel and worldwide including: pumps, Filtration systems, ERD systems, RO membranes and more.
SADYT Israel Ashdod Desalination plant
SADYT Israel was involved in establishing one of the biggest, important and most complicated desalination plants ever built in Israel. With a production capacity of up to 120,000,000 cubic meter per year, SADYT Israel has become a major player in the local water treatment industry. Sadyt is part of the Sacyr group, a Spanish company listed in the IBEX 35 that deals with Construction, Infrastructure, For the Ashdod Desal plant , Balass Bros. secured it’s supplier with large contarct for the supply of the UF pretreatment system, major part of GRP pipes installed, ERD system, large pumps and more.
Teva Pharmaceuticals
Teva was established in 1901 and has its global headquarters are based in Israel. Teva has a portfolio of more than 1800 molecules, and produce approximately 88 billion tablets and capsules a year at 80 manufacturing facilities. In Israel Balass Bros. is the main supplier of Sattic Electricity Earthling systems for the Teva facilities around the country.
Paz Refineries
The Paz Group is Israel’s leading energy corporation and during its 90 years has become one of the economy’s most prominent brands. Paz supplies a third of Israel’s fuel products and is the country’s first energy company to own a refinery. Paz Ashdod Oil Refinery is the Paz Group’s refining division, which manufactures petroleum products and electricity, both for its own use and to sell to customers. Balass Brothers has been a supplier of large API pumps, tank grounding systems and tanks seals to PAZ.
Bazan – Haifa Refineries
Oil Refineries Ltd. is Israel’s largest oil refinery refining approximately 9.8 million tons of crude oil per year and providing a variety of products used across many industries and infrastructures. BAZAN Company is active in the area of Polymers and Aromatics through its wholly owned subsidiaries and also provides power and heat services as well as infrastructure services. Balass Bros. has been supplying BAZAN various quality products contributing to the excellence of BAZAN’s infrastructure.
Sorek Desalination Plant
Sorek is the largest and most advanced SWRO desalination plant in the world setting new industry benchmarks in desalination technology, capacity and water cost. The plant contains a spectrum of instruments functioning together in order to provide clean, portable water for over 1.5 million people, comprising 20% of the municipal water demand in Israel. Balass Bros has been deeply involved in the plant’s equipment and water technology supplies providing almost half part of GRP pipes installed, large pump and more.
ADAMA is one of the world’s leading crop protection companies and plays a key role in the effort to increase global food production to feed a growing world population. The company possesses one of the largest product portfolios with over 270 ingredients and 1,000 end-use products developed and produced in 7 global product development centers and 21 production sites. Balass Bros. has been providing ADAMA with a large scale of static Eearhing equipment to fit the company’s large scale production with first-rate safety.
Delek Pi Gliloth
Delek Pi Gliloth is one of the largest Petrol distribution companies in Israel, it has a sufficient capacity for the total consumption of the State of Israel, and storage capacity of 630 million liters. Delek Pi Galilot provides storage services, tanker dispensing, additive injection to many companies. Balass Brothers has provided a lightning protection system for the company’s largest storage tank site in Ashdod and has seens its instalation prevented all lightning related problems to this site.
Israeli Navy
Balass has supplied lightning protection system to three Major Israeli Navy towers helping prevent the serious problems the Navy faced being exposed to lightning.

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